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Daniel G. Klimoski: Press

Thank you again for a great evening...everyone loved your music! Attached is the picture one of our owners took of you.
Thank you Daniel
Everything was done in such good taste with the company, food and the very best your music.
Will be contacting you for the future.
Thank you for being you!

Marcia Robins - client from a Sunday brunch performance (Jul 29, 2012)
Hi Daniel,
I so enjoyed your music last New Year's Eve at Pignoli's, and am happy that we have been able to engage your talents for your fee.
Our neighborhood is is delighted you will be part of our evening's events for our annual Alden Pines Homeowner's Association gathering on Sunday, January 29th. Members of our Social Committee will meet you after 4 pm to assist with setting up. Please let us know if you will need anything like extension cords. I am attaching the flyer we have circulated regarding the event fyi. The directions are below.
Thanks again,
Chris Dixon
Chris Dixon - Alden Pines event coordinator (Jan 7, 2012)
"Dan, Just wanted you to know that I enjoyed meeting you and enjoyed listening to the CD on the way home. Great to just sit around and listen to, also great for background music for a nice dinner I think. Hope to see you at the Sandy Butler, 5th Ave or wherever you are playing. Best of luck. Jeff."
Jeffrey Hamilton - Jazz Aficionado (Jan 18, 2011)
When the musical plans I had been working on for my parent's 70th Wedding Anniversary did not materialize, I was desperate. I went to 'Mr. Music" hoping they could help me find a person who would sing and play the piano to entertain at the event I was planning that was now less than a week away!!. David went above and beyond. He didn't just give me names and wish me luck. He offered to contact some musicians he was familiar with to see if they were available.

David promised to call me by the next day, no later than noon to tell me if he was able to get an available musician. The next day, as promised, he called with great news.He had made contact with a musician he was familiar with, Dan, and arranged for him to entertain. Dan was terrific, everyone there enjoyed his music, he played my parent's special tune and brought back many nostalgic memories for everyone. Thank you again, David, for going above and beyond for a perfect stranger to your store !!

Cathy Wangenstein
On behalf of Shabab and myself, we would like to extend a warm and gracious thank you for the brilliant music you played at our wedding. The care and time you took in putting together the song choices and instruments were noticed by all who attended the wedding! You were a joy to work with and I greatly appreciate your open communication in the days leading up to the wedding.

Please feel free to provide my contact information if you ever need an excellent reference.


Shannon - CLIENT (May 23, 2009)
Daniel -

I want to thank you so much for
making my father's funeral extra special for our family. I received many great comments on how well you played and I have to agree with everyone. You did a fantastic job and you will never know how much it was appreciated.
Debbie Gordon - Client (Mar 22, 2009)

Your ability and talent are extraordinary, and you did a magnificent job covering all four books. I dare say no one else in town could have done what you did for "Mame." In fact, I'll go further and say that you single-handedly made what we did possible (not to discount Pettey's work). I hope that we will have the opportunity to work together again.

Best wishes,

Charles Fornara - The Naples Player's production of Mame (Apr 1, 2007)
Dear Dan,
Thank you for a fabulous introduction to music! Mollie and Anna are loving their instruments and I know this has a great deal to do with the influence and guidance of their music teacher! We appreciate your positive and encouraging approach.
Student's Parents - Thank You Card (Jun 21, 2005)
Dear Dan,

I am writing to thank you for providing such beautiful music at our recent staff Christmas party. I realize this thank you is long overdue. Between the holidays and the inaugural events, however, things have been rather hectic at the State House lately.

Our staff party is always a special event for Kitty, me, and our entire staff. Having you and your musicians on hand certainly added to uor enjoyment. Thank you again for being so generous with your time and talent. Sincerely,

Governor Michael S. Dukakis
Governor Michael S. Dukakis (1994)
Hi Dan,
The residents had nothing but good things to say about you. If you would like to book another performance, we would love to have you come back.
Thanks so much
Amy Creasia - feedback from a recent performance (Aug 6, 2005)
My wife and I were married on June 30, 2002, in Holliston, Massachusetts. Both of us produce television for a living—she for the “good guys” (Public Television), me for the evil empire of commercial T.V. So were very particular about things being “just so”. Because we were doing all of the planning (not to mention paying) ourselves, we were very choosy about winding up with just the right blend of elements (food, music, etc.) that suited our own tastes.

From the outset, Dan was a wonderful listener—initially just absorbing what it was we were looking for. And he was both patient when we had trouble articulating that vision, and hugely helpful in coming up with choices when we were. In the course of our emails, I would sometimes suggest a song, and within a day he would message back that yes, he had found it, and by the way, it sounds great on penny whistle, too. In fact, there were several evenings when Dan would call us at home and play a part of a song to see what we thought. In the week before the big day, he was absolutely punctilious about all the small details—the order of music, the timing, etc. And that was appreciated.

The wedding was wonderful—just the mix of casual, country fun that we wanted, with the right sense of occasion. And we all felt the music was the perfect compliment: Dan and his musicians were talented, warm and friendly, and great performers. They mixed, as we had asked, both Celtic and Klezmer, and it sounded great. They also mixed in some fun Big Band classics. People listened, they danced, and they enjoyed. Also, prior to the ceremony, during the procession, and just after, Dan played solo classical flute. He is a comfortable, accomplished and talented musician, exceptionally easy to work with, and we would recommend both him and his musicians wholeheartedly.

--Ted Reinstein & Anne-Marie Dorning, Holliston
Ted Reinstein - Host of WCVB TV"s Evening Chronicle (Jun 23, 2002)
Clear, accessilble, smart, urban melodies, careful of the placement of each note, giving it just the right attack, duration and dynamic. His style is exploratory and driving, regardless of which instrument he's playing.
Eric Sean Weld - Daily Hampshire Gazette, Northampton, MA (May 30, 2003)
"Dan Klimoski has clearly done his homework! Not just on his many instruments, but in creating and arranging fine grooves and tunes. He's taken the time to make sure he always plays with style, in the idiom, but with an original sound. Backed by an excellent supporting cast, great interplay and solos all around. I'm going to go back and listen to this again and get in touch with this guy to find out how he does a couple of things"
Erik Lawrence, saxophonist, flutist, composer
Thanks for a copy of your CD. While I'm not a real connoisseur of jazz, I do enjoy it. I found your music to be of the highest quality. You and your fellow musicians are truly versatile and gifted. Keep up the great work.

Hazzan Sanford Cohn
Emanuel Synagogue
West Hartford CT 06117
860-236-1275, ext. 114
Hazzan Sanford Cohn - Emanuel Synagogue (Nov 1, 2004)
To whom it may concern:

Dan Klimoski and his Jazztones played at my daughter’s wedding on December 21, 2002. As many of our guests remarked, “Where in the world did you get that fantastic band?”
Our guests were an eclectic mixture of young and old, straight and gay, Americans, Australians, Indian, African and Dutch and all of them danced throughout the evening to familiar “oldies” and some of the more swingin’ singles variety. And then there was the jazz, the wonderful jazz. Dan’s saxophone and clarinet playing is unsurpassed (and we have listened to a lot of others!) Many people told me as I was planning this wedding that the music was a key ingredient to its success. They were absolutely right on.
Dan also played flute on two selections for the church service. His contributions made the celebration even more joyful. And the pianist for the group did an excellent job playing classical selections for the cocktail reception.
I want also to add that working with Dan in the months before the wedding was a real pleasure. His patience with us was remarkable as he was consulting not only with me but with my daughter and fiance in Australia. He listened thoughtfully and carefully to all our suggestions and incorporated them into the repertoire for the evening. Unlike some groups I have consulted, he did not come with a package deal of “songs you have to have at a wedding” but made it an evening that reflected the individuality of our families.
If you want an event to remember always as one of the happiest of your life, and it involves music, I know you will have it if Dan and the Jazztones are part of it.
Polly J. Man
Polly J. Mann (Dec 28, 2002)
This is in reference to Dan Klimoski and his partner,
Doug, playing at our wedding. He was professional to deal with and extremely knowledgeable about the type of music we were interested in. We hired Dan because we were interested in having him play jazz, klezmer and classical music. He and his partner rehearsed extensively and put together a lovely ensemble of music to play at our wedding, with our input.

Dan and his partner did a terrific job of playing on
our wedding day. We would recommend Dan and his
partner for those needing his services in the future.

Jen and Steve Miller
Jen and Steve Miller (Jul 23, 2003)

Dan and Maurice,

Thank you both for helping to create a wonderful atmosphere at our wedding. Our guests truly enjoyed the selections that you played prior to the ceremony and your selections during the procession and recession were outstanding. Your selections were perfect for our outdoor ceremony, and worked rather well we thought without the microphones and additional equipment.

One of the things that made the most difference was the time and energy that you and Maurice put in. As bride and groom we felt like there were so many balls to juggle in the days leading up to the ceremony. In our dealings with you we were consistently confident that everything was well taken care of. Your arrival in advance of the wedding party at the ceremony site was quite reassuring. Listening to you and Maurice rehearse also helped put all of us in a great mood!

We were lucky to have you respond to our posting. Thanks so much for helping get our lives together off to a great start.

Kristan Singleton
Kristan Singleton (Jun 23, 2000)

I mean what I write,
Thanks and good journeys for you, your music, and your buddies
Ron O’Reilly

Carlisle, Mass

We offer our selves as references for Dan Klimoski and his wedding musicians.
We discovered Dan and his band to be sensitive in planning, flexible in performance, eclectic in repertoire and delightful for listening and dancing. After listening to 5 other groups including one we valued highly save for their limited repertoire, we hired Dan on the basis of his empathy to our taste and audience, (a mixture of Jewish, Irish, old hippie, even older romantic seniors, and a good number of professional musicians). Comments during and after the reception told us of the spirit of fun and affection that permeated our 150 guests. Many of these took time to mention the diversity and tight sound of the group and their contribution to the flow of the festivities. We would be glad to give further comments and be contacted at
Ron O'Reilly (May 24, 1999)

I just wanted to thank you for helping to make our engagement party into a wonderful celebration. Your playing of the flute as well as clarinet and sax,
classical as well as jazz brought a special character that really added to the event. You were particularly successful at altering the pace and mood of the music to match the various paces and moods that the party itself took on, from casual talking to singing and dancing to torrential rain - you kept up. Please feel free to circulate this as a reference.

Take care and good luck, -Michael Agus
Mike Agus, M.D. (Jun 20, 1999)