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Daniel G. Klimoski: Music

My Little Suede Shoes original lyrics

(Daniel G. Klimoski)
Daniel G. Klimoski
This was premiered in 2000 at a jazz concert for Amherst College. It was sung by Stu Getz.
M L S S are just right for me, just right for walkin’ in, so fancy free. When I go strollin’ all around the town, M L S S never let me down. They move from left to
right in front of me, and even onomatopoeically. They keep my stride in perfect harmony, these L S S journey on, you see. (bridge) Inside my feet are very happy, rap, tap, tappy. Mile after mile you know, it’s just like walkin’ on a cloud away above the crowd, flyin’ cross the ground we go. Because these shoes of mine are so defined, and everybody knows they’re well-designed. Yeah, with a polished personality, M L S S will deliver me. Copyright 2000 by Daniel G. Klimoski